The name of our school King, is an acronym for Khushi (‘happy’ in Hindi), Immersion (immersing students in language), and Natural Garden (students will learn about how to care for the earth). It is also representative of our belief in the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a tireless advocate for building relationships to make the world a better place. We are intent on modeling our organizational behaviors on the standards set by Dr. King. We believe in being kind, loving and supportive to people, animals and Earth. The best gaming offers in casino 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung our casino follow the link!

KING (as we affectionately call it) was imagined by a mom, Maria Solanki. Passionate about the future of her own daughter, she noticed the huge gap between public schools and private ones. —The typical public-school education does not offer similarly advanced opportunities for kids like the ones in private schools… This means is that KING plans to foster the positive and impactful engagement of our future generations as highly-advanced academics as well as globally well-prepared citizens for infinite successes based on a sophistically driven scholastic curriculum that includes a trilingual immersion in Spanish, Mandarin and English, wherein your child will learn to cultivate this global citizenry as they acquire a higher aptitude for acceptance, empathy, compassion, as well as civics. You'll find the best coyote moon slot machine here, you have time to get it! That compassion and empathy will stem from our Plant-Based Curriculum and Cafeteria, So, when it comes to future prospects for kids in general—Maria found a way to solve that problem. 

Because Maria knew that she could not find those opportunities for her daughter in a typical public-school education, she decided to remove that roadblock. This is what KING Charter Schools is going to do, first in Florida—just outside St. Pete’s, and then in every state available. Her drive and passion set her into an 18-month journey until the application to start a charter school was submitted this past February. Along the way, Maria has met with other equally passionate people about the education and future of children—whether they have any kids or not. In order to secure approval, KING Charter School needs to raise enough seed money to be able to open its first location in August of 2020. Since February, KING has been waiting to hear whether it is approved or denied. And we need help.

When We Build One, We Will Build More …and Near You!